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Robert Land Academy

Robert Land Academy
6727 South Chippawa Rd 
Wellandport, ON  L0R 2J0 

Phone: 905-386-6203 
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School Information:

Gender: All-Boys
Grades: 6-12
Boarding: Yes


Annual Tuition Fee (Boarding):
Financial Assistance:
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Robert Land Academy is a highly structured not-for-profit Canadian private military boarding school. Located in Wellandport, Ontario, it has provided a safe, healthy, living and learning environment for boys in grades 6-12 since 1978. The military model reinforces the importance of accepting personal responsibility, organization, teamwork, and self discipline. Caring and dedicated staff and faculty assist students in developing self-confidence and self-worth through genuine academic achievement and personal maturation. Boys are admitted based upon their potential rather than their past. Many have experienced difficulties related to attitude, concentration, focus, respect, or have been diagnosed as ADD, ADHD, ODD or other learning difficulties The vast majority of boys experience a dramatic increase in their academic marks, level of physical fitness, and improve relationships with their families within the first year at the Academy. Robert Land Academy?s military theme is the foundation of its structured and disciplined learning and living community. Value-based expectations for proper conduct, with clearly defined rules and roles, has as their objective the accepting of responsibility for personal choice and the development of rational thought. With a focus on the development of mind, body and character, the Academy addresses the needs of the boy as a whole in order that he can actualize his potential through gaining mastery over himself. Robert Land Academy utilizes a military model to reinforce the importance of structure, discipline, accountability and self-determination. The demanding intellectual and physical challenges are accompanied by training support and encouragement to assist each student in developing self-confidence and self-worth through genuine achievement. The highly structured environment at Robert Land Academy is intended to support and encourage boys to reach their potential. Responsibility and accountability are stressed as a means toward producing the realization that each action has consequences. Boys who do not behave appropriately are subject to discipline that includes physical exercise and loss of privileges. More severe issues can result in loss of rank, loss of weekend leaves or labour duties around the Academy. The purpose of the program is to help boys to help themselves to become the best that they can be whether this is in the context of preparing to do an assignment in mathematics or practicing for the upcoming basketball game. Our goal is to stimulate the growth of a sense of responsibility and self-determination and by so doing prepare each boy for a fulfilled, productive and happy adulthood.
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Year Founded: 1978
Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
Campus Size: 168 acres

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Robert Land Academy, Wellandport, ON Robert Land Academy, Wellandport, ON Robert Land Academy, Wellandport, ON
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School Size: 125
Number of Boarding Students: 125
Boarding Grades: 6 - 12
Number of Day Students: 0
Day Grades: 0

  • Basketball   
  • Cross Country   
  • Soccer   
  • Track and Field   
  • Volleyball   
  • Wrestling   
  • Boxing   
  • Canoeing   
  • Chess   
  • Computers   
  • Martial Arts   
  • Model Airplanes   
  • Mountain Biking   
  • Outdoor Adventure Activities   
  • Paint Ball   
  • Parachuting   
  • Rock Climbing   
  • Rocketry   
  • Scuba Diving   
  • etc.    

  • Admissions

    Application Deadline (Day): Rolling
    Application Deadline (Boarding): Sept / Jan - Check website for other dates
    Interview Required: Yes
    SSAT Required: No
    Application Requirements: Contact RLA to arrange an interview with student and parents. Skype interviews may be arranged for families who are unable to travel to the Academy.