About the Website

TopBoarding.ca exists to provide families with quality information on private boarding schools in Canada. To aid you in the decision-making process, we provide a list of the top 8 schools, which are known for their rigorous academics, impressive resources, competitive athletics, and overall achievement. Our website aims to be a complete research center with a continuously expanding knowledge base for boarding schools and the admissions process.

About the Top 8

The Top 8 list of boarding schools was compiled by education consultants who are experts on Canadian independent schools. We realize that the list does not provide a complete picture of quality schools in Canada and may not include some worthy candidates. However, we believe that providing distinction between schools provides families with a valuable guideline to begin their school research rather than being overwhelmed with a full list of schools.

Acceptance into the list is based on academic reputation, university placement, school resources and athletic programs.

About Us

We saw a lack of quality information for Canadian boarding schools on the web. As graduates of boarding and private schools, we saw a need to provide families with a breadth and depth of information to make an informed decision. We hope our site can help in making the right choice for you.

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General inquiries: contact@topprivateschools.ca